Eating Local & Farm to Table

We proudly showcase these Locally Produced and Farm to Table brands on our current menu.

You can purchase several products from ALL OF THESE BRANDS from the retail floor at SC Real Foods.

SC Real Foods – Florence, SC

Peck Away Cafe’s house brand is SC Real Foods. Enjoy our bread baked in-house from freshly ground whole grain. We also blend our own salad dressings from premium ingredients including non-gmo mayonnaise and many other products. SC Real Foods also grinds fresh nut butters adding only salt for a fresh clean taste. Heartily enjoy Real Food.

WEB:  FB: @screalfoods IG: @screalfoods

LIGHT Farms – Lamar, SC

Enjoy 100% grassfed & grass finished beef on your Smashing Cheeseburger from LIGHT Farms. LIGHT Farms is all about growing healthy Real Food that honors God by honoring his creation through the use of organic self-sustaining methods.

We work side by side with our retail store, SC Real Foods to deliver TRUE “Farm to Table” food that not only tastes great but is healthy too.

WEB: FB: @lightfarmsllc

Ashe County Cheese – West Jefferson, NC

Ashe County Cheese is Carolina’s oldest cheese plant, producing quality cheese since 1930.

You can find a wide variety of cheeses on Peck Away Cafe’s current menu – DYO Grilled Sandwich including Mild Daisy Hoop Cheddar, Sharp Mountain, Four Pepper Jack & Red Wax Gouda.

WEB: FB: Ashe County Cheese IG: @ashe_county_cheese

Clemson Blue Cheese – Clemson, SC

Clemson’s renowned Blue Cheese is a tasty classic of the South. Produced right on Clemson’s campus, this artisan cheese has been making its way into the hearts of cheese connoisseurs since 1941.

If you drink Hickory Hill Milk (Edgefield, SC) from SC Real Foods, then you’re already familiar with the farm that supplies the milk for Clemson Blue Cheese.

Enjoy this premium product on your Strawberry Blue Cheese Chopped Salad and in our homemade Blue Cheese Dressing.

WEB: FB: @cubluecheese IG: @clemsonbluecheese

Holy Smoke – St John’s Island, SC

Holy Smoke, LLC was founded in 2012 in Charleston, SC by Kyle Payne and Max Blackman. Their mission is to create unique, delicious and healthful smoked foods that everyone can enjoy. Enjoy their Smoked Black Pepper on your Peck Away Avocado Toast.

WEB: FB: @holysmokeoliveoil IG: @holysmokeoliveoil

Palmetto Farms – Galivant’s Ferry, SC

Palmetto Farms is a stone ground grits mill, specializing in all natural, non-gmo grits, cornmeal, aromatic rice & cornbread. Their grits are featured in our Shrimp and Grits that’s offered as a Peck Away Special (occasionally and probably not often enough).

WEB: FB: @palmetto.farms  IG: @palmetto.farms

Emily G’s Jams of Love – Dunwoody, GA

Their mission is simple – “We do everything for the love  eg-red-heart.png of food.  We believe that what we eat should be prepared simply and naturally with the best ingredients available.” Crafted from seasonal and locally harvested ingredients, Emily G’s Jam of Love is guaranteed to satisfy any jam lover.

Enjoy Emily G’s Triple Berry Jam on the Kid’s menu Peanut Butter & Jam or Almond Butter & Jam Sandwiches. Btw, there’s no age limit on this item.

WEB: FB: @jamoflove IG: @emilygsjams

Bull’s Bay Saltworks – McClellanville, SC

On May 31, 2012 Bulls Bay Saltworks became the first operational salt company in South Carolina since the Civil War, when the USS James Chambers destroyed the final saltern at Palmetto Point Bulls Bay on February 25, 1865.

If you spend any time in the Charleston area, you will have already noticed the distinctive regional taste that they’re all about, it’s in the air.

Enjoy fresh-ground Red Mash Sea Salt on your Peck Away Avocado Toast.

WEB: FB: @bullsbayseasalt IG: @bullsbaysaltworks

Lusty Monk – Asheville, NC

The founder was amused at a story about a strict order of medieval monks who weren’t allowed to eat mustard lest they fall prey to carnal desires. She christened all mustard-eating monks the Lusty Monks.

We’re happy to add Lusty Monk “Original Sin” Mustard to any sandwich. “It’s how mustard is supposed to taste. This old-style, coarse-ground, original recipe mustard will add a kick to anything you can put on a plate.”

WEB: IG: @lustymonkmustard